Studies at Trinity

On August 26th, 2014, I, Tyler, will begin studying for my Master’s at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.


As a youth ministry major at Moody, I soaked up the practical ministry classes. However, my passions were really stirred when I began taking biblical Hebrew. That same semester I also took a class on Genesis, and was introduced to the loving, passionate, and faithful God of the Old Testament. By the end of the semester, Dr. Andrew Schmutzer, who taught both these classes, had made a life-changing impact on my life.

I began developing a particular affinity for Biblical Hebrew and the theology of the Old Testament. For two years I worked as Dr. Schmutzer’s Research and Teaching Assistant, assisting him in matters of academic research, grading student papers, and book manuscript preparation. I also prepared lectures and taught several classes for him — on Genesis, Psalms, the Minor Prophets, and Biblical Hebrew Reading. God used these experiences to breathe new life into my walk of faith, and opened my eyes to the unique ways he has gifted and called me for ministry.


My hope is to be a part of the exciting new opportunities for for theological education in the Czech Republic. I want to offer my gifts to the Church as it trains a new generation of theologians and leaders to creatively engage the obstacles facing Czech Christians. My vision is to see Czech leaders, teachers, and pastors equipped to serve church and society, to be stewards of God’s Word, and to be faithful witnesses of the Gospel. Both Lara and I desire to root ourselves in Czech soil, and to invest in these people that we care so deeply for. 

Through an M.A. in Old Testament and Semitic Languages, I hope to gain the necessary skills and experience to be able to teach Biblical Hebrew and Old Testament theology in a variety of settings in the Czech Republic, as well as continuing on to Doctoral Studies in Europe. Trinity places great value on both academic excellence and faithful ministry, and I know that studying at Trinity will give me a solid Evangelical foundation upon which to build for the future. 

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