Our Summer Ministry 2013

Josiah Venture has been doing ministry in Central and Eastern Europe for over twenty years. Josiah Venture’s vision is to see “a movement of God among the youth of Central and Eastern Europe…”–national leaders rising up and serving church and society for Christ. Early on, English camps proved to be one of the most effective evangelistic tools, and many current leaders and pastors in the Church came to faith through such camps.

Lara and I had been asked to co-lead one of these camp intern teams in Czech in the summer of 2013, and it was an absolutely incredible summer for us both. Our team did English Camps with local churches in Bohemia– the West side of the Czech Republic. We were blessed with a very close and effective team, and saw God work in the lives of believers and non-believers.


Although our primary purpose was evangelism, we were able to dedicate much of our time to discipling leaders, encouraging churches, and teaching in various capacities.  While working alongside young Christian leaders in the Czech church, we sought to understand the obstacles facing them as they sought to follow God’s call on their life. More than ever before, we met men and women willing to devote their lives to ministry, and left encouraged by what God is doing.

Yet despite this fact, very little opportunity exists for these young men and women in Eastern Europe to receive the training necessary for the ministry they have been called to. Our experience through this internship solidified our own calling from God–Lara and I hope to be a part of changing this. 


Our desire is to pass on to the Czech Church what we have received from our studies here in the United States. We want to see the next generation able to serve both church and society, and for that they must be trained. With a greater understanding of the state of theological education in Eastern Europe, and a better grasp of our own skills and passions, I believe God has equipped Lara and I in unique ways to serve the Czech church, its pastors, and its families. I, Tyler, want to serve in both the academic community and the church community, teaching and discipling men and women for Christian service. Lara has a burden for ministry families and pastors’ wives, and hopes to serve the church through discipleship, encouragement, and counseling.

What a journey! We know this is just the beginning. Would you pray for us?

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