Czech Vision Trip – Part 1

We have had an amazing week.


A little over a week ago we boarded a plane in Chicago headed to Europe. Judah took his first international flight like a champ, sleeping the whole plane ride over the ocean. He’s already showing signs of being an excellent Missionary Kid!

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As soon as we arrived in Czech we hit the ground running. We had breakfast with a young Czech couple, lunch with a pastor and his wife, and dinner with a local missionary family. And that was just the first day!


Ondra and Annie, church leaders in Havířov (getting married on Friday!)

We’ve been able to witness local ministry, meet with Czech leaders, and visit with some childhood friends. We have been so encouraged by what God is doing here, and are thrilled that he has invited us to be a part of it. The faith of these young leaders is contagious. There is still much work to be done, but the Czech church is up for the challenge.


A Fusion youth choir in Frýdlant, led by friends I grew up with in youth group.

We approached this trip eager to receive clearer direction from the Lord about our future. Even with this anticipation,we have been shocked at how clearly God has led us this week! He has gone before us in powerful ways, preparing conversations and bringing wise leaders to give us counsel.

As things continue to come together, we will share more details on our near work here in Czech. For now, we want to praise God for his faithfulness in our lives. This week has stirred our hearts once again for healthy churches and biblically-empowered leaders in this country.


A leadership meeting of a church planting team in Ostrava (ClicKostel)


This next week we will participate in Josiah Venture’s Fall Conference, where missionaries and national workers from all 13 JV countries will be together. Together we will learn about how to be a part of God’s movement here in Europe. Would you pray for this second half of our trip and our time with the JV team?

We have heard so many stories of God’s faithfulness this week. We can’t wait to share them with you soon!



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