Day Trip to Milwaukee

This past week has been the busiest we have had in a while. Lara has been working hard as the Desk Manager at Gordon Salon, I had to work an extra shift at Intelligentsia, and my school work at TEDS was especially time consuming. This meant we didn’t see each other much (and when we did, I was probably working on homework). We knew that we needed something to look forward to in order to make it through this stretch.

Milwaukee, WI is only an hour drive north from Highland Park, and since we both have Sundays off, we decided to plan a little day trip! It was so nice to get away and go on a little adventure.


Our first stop was for coffee at Anodyne Coffee Roasters. Working in coffee, I am always curious to taste what other specialty coffee shops are doing. With Anodyne, I was not disappointed! The coffee was fantastic, as was the atmosphere of the whole shop. Their large space was incredibly warm and inviting.



We then ventured further into the city for lunch. Based on some online recommendations, we settled on the Bel Air Cantina, and were instantly transported from the frozen northwest to a warm beach! The tacos were some of the best we have had.





After lunch we wanted to find a nice neighborhood with shops to walk around in. Sadly, after much wandering, we found nothing. It’s always a bit of a learning curve when exploring a new city! We eventually parked and made our way to the Milwaukee Art Museum, which is right on Lake Michigan. The architecture of the building was stunning, especially with its backdrop of the water.

photo 1

photo 2

And of course, a trip to Wisconsin wouldn’t be complete without cheese. We had some tonight when we returned home, and it was to die for.


I know we only just began to scratch the surface of what Milwaukee has to offer! But it was just the day that Lara and I needed. We are thankful for these kinds of opportunities for rest and refreshment. Adventures with this lovely lady are my favorite!


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