Tuesdays at Trinity

Tuesdays are my favorite day of the week. This is mostly the case because of the focused attention I am able to give to my studies. Most of the other week-days I am split between school and work, so it is really wonderful to have a whole day to spend at Trinity.

My day begins with a routine that happens most mornings — making coffee! Lara and I have time on Tuesday mornings to sit together, eat breakfast and drink coffee, and sometimes read together. This Tuesday we brewed up Intelligentsia’s February blend — a tasty mix of Bolivian and Rwandan coffees.



While Lara gets ready in the morning, I usually study my Hebrew vocabulary, especially if we are having a quiz that day.

image (3)

Then Lara drops me off at Trinity before heading to work herself. It’s a quick walk through the cold to the chapel building, where my first class is.

image (1)

My Hebrew professor is a Ph.D. student here at Trinity. I was somewhat discouraged at first to have to take Hebrew grammar from the beginning again, but it has been such a benefit for me to sit under professor Pohl. He has given me a solid foundation for my future study, and I feel so much more comfortable with the language. He’s a gifted teacher and a kind man! Now all the grammar work is paying off as we are starting textual work on the book of Ruth.

image (4)

After Hebrew it’s off to the library. This Tuesday I finished some reading on Old Testament theology, and then moved on to an assignment for my class on the literature of the ancient Near East. Below I am reading English translations of ancient Hittite treaties that have many parallels with the material in Deuteronomy.

image (5)

After a quick lunch I head to my class on Old Testament Theology. My professor, Dr. Hoffmeier, is actually a leading Egyptologist and an active archeologist. Because of this background, he has really honed in on the importance of history for understanding the nature of God. God is not an a-historical God of abstraction, but rather a God who has made himself known through his acts and word in history. Dr. Hoffmeier is a brilliant man, but also so down to earth. He has me on the edge of my seat for the entirety of the 5-hour class!

image (2)

After Old Testament Theology, Lara drives back to pick me up. This Tuesday we had the privilege of going out with our dear friends John and Jenna Perrine for dinner. I’ve been friends with John ever since our first days at Moody, we have been involved in variety of ministries together, we both got married the same summer, and now we are both studying at Trinity (and Jenna just started as well!). We are so blessed to walk through life with them — John and Jenna are truly the best kind of friends.


And that concludes a day in the life of a graduate student — Tuesday, my favorite day!

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