Hermeneutics and Being Dick Patty’s Grandson

As my first semester at Trinity nears its close, today I had my last “Hermeneutics” class. Dr. Osborne, our professor, has done an incredible job this semester of not only teaching us the principles of studying Scripture, but also at challenging us take it to its necessary conclusion of proclamation. This is the class that I recently wrote a sermon on Isaiah 40:27-31. Today I turned in a sermon on Revelation 3:14-22 and a teaching outline for my own future teaching on Hermeneutics.

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Dr. Osborne’s hope is that all of our projects would be profitable for our future ministry. I have learned just as much from his lectures as from observing his passion and pastoral heart. What a great way to start my Master’s and set the tone for the rest of my study!

As the semester was starting, Dr. Osborne spoke a bit about himself. As he talked about his story, something he mentioned in passing stuck with me. He told us that he spent some time in the 80’s teaching the Bible in Germany to military personnel. I thought to myself, “wow, I wonder if he ever crossed paths with Grandpa?”

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A couple weeks later I got up the courage to go ask him if he knew Grandpa. When I mentioned that I was Dick Patty’s grandson, he lit up! “Of course I remember Dick,” he said, “I spent most of my weekends with him while we were in Germany! I still get their prayer letters to this day.”

Tyler with grandpa 002

Grandpa and Nana Patty served in Germany with Cadence International back in the 80’s, and were also there when I was born in a German hospital in 1990. Dr. Osborne still remembers ministry with Grandpa with great fondness.

Dr. Osborne is still teaching the Bible with great power and conviction. Due to increasing health issues, Dr. Osborne has one year of teaching left before retirement, but he doesn’t seem to be slowing down. He did tell us today that this was likely his last Hermeneutics class he will ever teach. Wow. What a privilege.

Dr. Osborne has so much passion for the Word and for the church. It has been such an honor to sit under such a faithful servant, and even more powerful that you two had the opportunity to serve together thirty-five years ago.