A Date and a Bike Ride

First of all, THANK YOU to everyone who has been praying for Lara. Her migraines have been better, but is still experiencing the floaters. We are hoping to see a doctor up nearer to us in the next couple days. Thank you for standing with us in this!

With all the transitions that have been happening recently, Lara and I really needed time together to just let loose and have some fun. The weather made a sharp turn toward winter today (40ºF!) , but just a couple days ago it was absolutely beautiful in Highland Park. Lara had the day off, and while I had to work early that morning, I was off in time for a late lunch. We decided to make it a date!


Some dear friends of ours welcomed us to the neighborhood by giving Lara a bike, so we got to test it out for the first time. We rode along quaint streets and charming forest paths, until we finally made it to downtown Highland Park.


(the forest paths reminded me a lot of Czech!)


Lara had heard raving reviews from her coworkers about a local hot dog stand called Michael’s, so we had to check it out.




After lunch we walked around town, just as the elementary schools were letting out for the day. You never saw kids in the city much, at least not where we lived. We are really enjoying living in a small town!


Once back on our bikes, I noticed a sign for a bike path to the beach, so of course we had to take it. After several wrong turns and lots of laughs, we made it to Lake Michigan.



It was the perfect day, and just what we needed!

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