Pray for Lara’s Migraines and Eye “Floaters”

About two weeks ago Lara started noticing some spots in her vision. It started out as a small shadow that would move about in her left eye, but wouldn’t last for long. Soon, however, the shadows became more frequent, and they even started showing up in her right eye. On top of this, Lara started having headaches for days in a row. As we observed the situation getting worse and worse, we decided it would probably be good to see a doctor.

Our doctor was fairly concerned when we saw him, and said that we need to see an eye specialist immediately. Apparently these shadows are called “floaters,” and might be a sign of a torn retina. So we were referred to a clinic in the city, and booked an appointment for Friday morning.

The day before the appointment Lara was home all day with a really terrible migraine — the worst one in a while. She rested up, and felt a little better in the morning. She came to work with me in the morning, and spent time in our café until it was time to go to the appointment. I have an incredible boss who covered for me for two hours so that I could take to take Lara to the specialist.

photo 1 (8)

It was a short drive away from my work, and soon we were filling out paperwork. We were fairly optimistic at this point, very thankful that we had gotten an appointment so quickly. Yet alongside the relief of being able to see an expert, I couldn’t help feeling uneasy about the office itself. The ladies who helped get us checked in were not very kind or helpful (or professional), and I was reminded of how rough and insensitive the city culture can be.

photo 3 (3)

But soon Lara was in to see a kind nurse, and had her pupils dilated so the doctor could see inside. She came back out to sit with me and we had a good laugh about how strange her eyes looked. I am thankful for a wife who understands the power of laughter to cure anxiety and apprehension!

photo (5)

Then she was in to see the specialist, who shone bright lights into her eye and poked them every which way. After a few minutes of his inspection, he told her: “Usually when someone is experiencing floaters I can see what the problem is; but I can’t see anything.” And then, just like that, we were whisked off to complete paperwork and pay our copay, and in shock and confusion found ourselves out in the parking lot.

So the good news: Lara’s retina is not torn.

The bad news: We have no idea what is wrong with her eyes.

The doctor gave us no next steps nor offered any advice on how to proceed. No one scheduled a follow-up appointment nor planned more tests. We felt like their general attitude was, “oh well.” Whether Lara’s vision changes and migraines are linked or not, I don’t think that unnatural vision changes should be so quickly dismissed. The appointment was all very confusing and frustrating.

Our next steps are to try and get a second opinion, and hopefully see a specialist out here in the suburbs. But we would definitely appreciate your thoughts and prayers for Lara as she still deals with vision changes and increased migraines. She is pushing through, and we are trusting that God will continue to care for us and reveal the problem in His timing.

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