Surviving and Thriving — We Have Moved!

It’s official — we have moved! 

Lara’s parents and sister Hannah got to come stay with us for a couple days at the beginning of the month, and after spending a couple days out in the city, we started the daunting task of packing. You never realize how much stuff you accumulate until you start trying to fit it all in boxes…


For example, I never think I own THAT many books, but when Hannah and I started packing my fifth container (which I can barely lift on my own), I may just have to admit that I may have a problem. Yay for more school and more books to collect!


With the help of our family (we couldn’t have done it without them!) we got the bulk of the work done, and finished the final smaller things in the days afterward. As far as moving was concerned, this also always takes so much more time than you think. I had (thought I had) learned this last time, so we started bright and early at 6:30AM, so as to give ourselves plenty of time. Good thing we did!

image (1)

We had rented a cargo van, and milked it for all its worth. Some good friends of ours from school, Aaron and Eli Winter, as well as my good friend John Perrine (who will be at Trinity with me this fall), helped us load and unload in the morning. Our new place was a 30 minute drive from our old place, and we ended up making four trips, with my brother Caleb and his wife Haley helping us with the final load. 

image (3)

And soon, the apartment that had looked like this…


…looked as if no one had been there!

image (2)

Having started at 6:30AM, we finished the day and were able to lie down to sleep at 11:30PM that night. That’s a good old 17 hours! Good thing we started early! We were both exhausted, but so grateful for our friends and family who helped us, and most of all thankful for God’s gift of a new place to live for this next season.

As we drove that last load of boxes and furniture up from Chicago to Highland Park, we were grateful for a move to signify the start of a new season of life. The last year was difficult, and God taught us so much, but it often felt like we were just merely surviving and trying to get by. As we settle into our new house, we are asking God that these next years would be years of thriving. We want to be healthy in our marriage, in our emotional life, in relationships with our friends and family, and in our spiritual maturity as we grow closer to God.

Here’s to surviving the move, and beginning a season of thriving! 

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