From one stage to the next

As Tyler and I said our goodbyes to our dear friends and fellow interns we turned to each other and just smiled. God was so good to us this summer. He not only did amazing work in the students lives at camps, but he did amazing work in our lives too. Often we think that he won’t work as strongly in us because of the reasons we are serving- to tell others of his love, but he always works in us, sometimes even greater than expected. By the end of the summer Tyler and I were both able to say- “Yes! This is where God wants us!” And for that we are truly grateful.



That does not mean that it is right away and we are ok with that too! Right now we are in the process of moving back to Chicago. Tyler starts work at Joe’s Coffee Shop at Moody this week and I am job searching. Claire is HERE!! And Caleb and Haley will be at Moody on Saturday. Exciting things are happening! And we are so excited to have all four, soon to be five (Haley!), Patty’s on this side of ocean and in the same city!! Our “five-year plan” for now is to be here. I will be working and Tyler will be finishing up his masters. He will apply to Trinity in January and prayerfully will start in Fall 2014. I am so excited for him. He loves to study, to learn, to be stretched. Even getting ready to be back at Moody he lights up! 


Claire’s at Moody!!



They are going to be married!! (I know this is an older picture you two, but I love it!)


The two things Tyler loves (after me of course!)- coffee and learning!

To end our summer we went to debrief in Prague after our third camp. Prague is gorgeous as always! We stayed at Hotel Czech-Inn (get it?!) and had morning sessions where Rob Chestnut and Jonathan Rosen.  They talked us through processing when we get back to the States. While we were there we also got to see historical sights and have a couple fancy dinners with our teams and interns! It was a great week, even with the feeling of it ending, we were all able to enjoy one another and make great memories. 


All the JV Czech Interns in front of Hotel Czech-Inn



Us and Jeremy on the Tram in Prague…doing the Ann face:)


Ann- my dear, sweet friend

Some of you may know this, but the Czech on our team, Petra, broke her foot at our second camp on a ropes coarse. We were all praying that she would somehow be able to continue the internship with us. She is apart of that family! But soon after the doctors decided she needed surgery and to be on bed rest for six weeks. This was a shock to our team and we missed her greatly at our last camp!! However, Jeremy and Ann continued to be amazing and work so hard. They were both amazing at relationship building and had a huge impact on the students! Petra, we are praying for you still! We love you always, Segra!



Tyler and I are so grateful that God allowed us to do this internship. Thank you to all of you who supported us financially and for your prayers. We definitely felt them from across the ocean! We look forward to what God has in store for us now, as we continue to follow him and seek his guidance. We are thankful and excited to have brought back lessons learned from this summer and adapted them to our lives here. 

We are forever grateful for the friends we made and will keep from this summer! We could not have done it without our amazing team and those interns who poured into us all summer! Thank you for being such an amazing blessing to us! And Rob and Audrey, thank you for encouraging us as a couple, being real with your marriage, and guiding us a long the way as we lead together. 


The Josiah Venture Staff that walked with us and taught us all summer. Amazing, godly people! Rob and Audrey are third and fourth from the right:)with little Stella is on the way!


Our team the last night in Prague

From one stage to the next.

With love,

The Patty’s 


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