Not Over Yet

As we near the end of our summer of ministry, Lara and I are so grateful for this country and its people. We have had our ups and downs, our doubts and joys, but God has been with us every step of the way. We honestly could not have asked for a better team in Jeremy, Ann, and Petra. We have all grown in so many ways.


But it’s not over yet.

We still have two more days left of our last camp with the church in Liberec. This is a 50-person camp close to a famous lake in northern Bohemia. God has brought students from all walks of life here – and it has been incredible to see the Spirit move from day one. Now we are on day six of sharing the story of Peter, sharing the gospel, and sharing our lives.


Yesterday I got to share the story of Peter’s rejection of Christ, in the first person. This is the night we talk about sin. Discussion groups went late last night as students wrestled with these important concepts. The Spirit was evidently moving.

Now tonight is the story of the resurrection. It is the story of Peter’s relationship with Jesus being restored, and his sins being forgiven. This is the huge message of hope, and I will do my best to communicate the gospel clearly – and challenge them to make a decision one way or the other.


Following the Peter talk, all the campers will participate in something called “the labyrinth.” This involves several stations that encourage participants to interact with the things they have been learning in a new way. They will think about their lives, consider how they look at the world, and have an opportunity to make a step of faith toward Jesus.


Would you pray for us, right now? Pray for me as I share God’s message, pray for the organization of the labyrinth, and pray for the hearts of the students. Ask God to stir in the hearts of many, that he would give them the courage to ask the hard questions, and to take steps of faith tonight. We know this is His heart – that many would turn to Him for newness of life. So pray boldly – we know he wants to answer those prayers!

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