This Is War

As we near the end of our summer, our team is peculiarly reminded of the fact that this is a battlefield. War is being fought for the souls and men and women. These camps allow us to step deep into enemy territory and call people out of darkness and into light. 

We are particularly reminded of the fact that we wage this war as we not only engage in the battle but experience spiritual warfare as well.

At our last camp with Poděbrady, we were able to spend one afternoon at a high ropes course. This whole event was a huge success, with many students saying that it was the most challenging and exciting thing they did all week. 


Petra, however, had a very different experience. One one of the first obstacles, she went too fast on the zip line. As she sought to break her speed at the end, she took all the force on her right leg, breaking two bones in her foot. We rushed her to the hospital, got it in a cast, and thought that apart from some discomfort things would be fine.


When she went for her checkup to a hospital in Prague a couple days later, they kept her overnight, and had to do surgery in the morning to align the bones. After they were done, the doctors told her: “You have to be completely off your leg for 6 weeks, and afterward go through 2 months of rehabilitation.” She was released from the hospital to go to her home in Prague, but she won’t be joining us for this last camp with Liberec.


During our training with the team from Florida and the team from Liberec, Lara and I also experienced spiritual warfare. As we looked ahead toward returning home after the summer, we were overcome with fear and discouragement. It was as if there was a mist hanging over us, keeping us from seeing our Provider God. There are a lot of unknowns for us when we return to Chicago in August – we won’t have a home, a car, a job for Lara; things will be tight. But this was not “natural” worry – and so we knew that it was not at all from God. We were able to pray with the other intern leaders, and immediately felt the weight lift, and see how God is taking care of us.


But in all this – with Petra not being with us, and Lara and I feeling anxiety about returning – we are comforted by the Present and Providing God, who knows our troubles and cares. Would you continue to pray for us this week as we finish our last camp with Liberec, that God would protect us, and help us to finish strong? We know this is where we are supposed to be, and we want to build well till the end.


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