Hikes and Strolls

One thing I love about Czech culture is how much they love to hike. Yes, the culture is slowly beginning to change as the nation becomes more westernized, but inside every Czech person there is something that drives them to the mountains. Hiking is not a simple activity, sport, or hobby – it is an art. 


But of all hikes, my favorite is the one we take at camp. 

We are currently working with the church from Poděbrady, and have been so encouraged by what God is doing here. Of course, there have been ups and downs, issues that needed resolving, and problems that arose, but this is a very special group. I am so thankful I get to be back after two years and continue relationships with these students. 


One of the people I have enjoyed being back with the most is Tomáš. Tomáš was in my English class two years ago, and we have kept in touch over Facebook since then. We had some great conversations about life and faith on the hike on Monday. 


Many conversations and relationships were started on the hike on Monday. It’s been amazing to see how they have grown since. We have been sharing the good news with these students all week – we now find ourselves at the last day. Would you pray today for these last moments with our campers? Pray that we would have opportunities to continue to challenge, pray with, and love them in a way that points them to their heavenly Father. 


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