First Perspective

Our hotel for camp- Dvorska Bouda

Our hotel for camp- Dvorska Bouda

My first English camp has come and gone, but in one word I would sum it up into- amazing! It was a lot of other things like- freezing cold, stressful, and busy- but over all those things God did amazing work in the hearts of those 34 students.

Our English class!

Our English class!

The first amazing thing I would like to tell you about is a 14 year old boy who I will call V, made a decision to follow Christ on Thursday night of camp! V comes from a city called Hejnice and has such a sweet, quiet spirit. He was in my beginners English class and so my teammates and I were able to discuss things with him many times. From the moment I met V, I felt God put him on my heart. I was so surprised by this because I was expecting God to give me a girl to pray for all week, but it was V. We watched him as he quietly and thoughtfully processed during discussion groups, after Tyler shared the story of Peter. God is so good! I was curious what he was thinking about all week because he was so quiet, and in the end for God to take a hold of his heart is an amazing result! As he continues this walk of faith, please pray for him! Pray that he would stay focused on Christ and that the influences around him would not hinder his desire to follow God.

Because of Tyler’s experiences with camps, I had a picture in my head of what it would be like, and it was pretty close in reality too. Being a leader of a team is very different. You are working on things during free time- which is when everyone else is with the students. This was a challenge for me. A challenge because I had to be ok with not doing everything and I needed to realize that what Tyler and I do behind the scenes is just as important. I have loved being a leader and have loved learning. Our team has grown so close and we love pouring into them!

We accomplished some amazing things while we were there too! We climbed the tallest mountain in the Czech Republic and we successfully did not get injured during sports time!:)

Us at the top!

Us at the top!

We start the second camp on Friday with a church from Podebrady. Our team from the states will arrive around midnight tonight! Please pray for us and our team as we become a bridge between the Americans and the Czechs so that they can have strong relationships with much fruit!

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