Surreal to Be Back

I just returned from giving my fourth evening talk here at camp tonight – most of the students are still in their discussion groups as I type this. I am praying that the Holy Spirit breaks down barriers this week and allows many to encounter God for the first time.


It truly is surreal to be back after two years. Last time I did camps I was a sophomore, leading a team with my good friend Ryan, and had only just started dating Lara. Now Lara and I are leading together and I am almost done with my time at Moody. I feel in a very different place than I was two years ago. Yet some things stay the same – students still need to hear the good news, spiritual warfare is still occurring, and my heart still burns for the Czech people.


We are half way through our first camp with Nove Mesto pod Smrkem, and I must say, I wouldn’t want to be serving with anyone else. Our American and Czech teams are working so well together – I believe we really are exemplifying what Jesus spoke about in John 13:35: “By this all people will know you are my disciples: if you have love for one another.” It really blows my mind.


Yet we are not without our battles. Being one of the main leaders for this camp, I have had a unique view into the behind-the-scenes. The Lord is working, and that is evident, but there are also many spiritual battles going on. Please pray for protection for our team of Americans and Czechs. Please pray that the voice of the Lord would resound through distractions. Please pray for openness in evening discussion groups, where some of these students will be thinking about God for the first time in their life. And please pray that the Holy Spirit would draw many students closer to God – whether that means being open to the possibility of their even being a God, or making a decision to follow Christ for the rest of their life. 


Thank you for standing with us! Through your support and prayers, you get to have a mark on what we are doing here. Your ministry is just as important as ours here in Czech. Any fruit that the Lord causes to grow is a blessing you get to partake in! So thank you for your ministry – the Lord will multiply it greatly. 

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