Visit to Liberec

We are a little behind on updating, sorry about that! Internet here has been friendly in some places, and not so friendly in others. But we wanted to update you on our second town visit in Liberec.

Liberec is a city of about 100,000 people so the church has a lot of hearts to speak into!
The church we visited was very hospitable. In Czech it is very common for the pastor and his family to live at the church and for there to be extra beds and showers, so we stayed in the church! The view of the city from there was beautiful and it was right near the town square which we walked to every day and experienced a little bit of their culture.
Our team was there only for two days, but we got everything accomplished. No school visits because we could only visit on the weekend. Please pray that they have more students come to camp! This camp will actually be two towns coming together. The other city is called Usti nad Labem. Please also pray for the unity of the two leadership groups from each church. They will all meet each other for the first time at camp, so pray that we can all come together and have no conflict! They are both truly great groups of people and are excited to put this camp on.
On our last day there they took us to the oldest zoo in Central Europe. It was awesome!
Their camp starts the second week of August. Please continue to pray for our team as we prepare and train again for our first camp- which starts this Friday! This camp is with the church from Nove Mesto pod Smrkm and we will have it high up in the mountains!
If you have already supported us financially, we are truly greatful. We could not be here without you! Please consider helping us as we still need 30% of our funds to be raised. Click The link on the left if you want to support us!

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