The Study of the English Language

While we are on break in the beautiful town of Pisek, we are spending our morning to early afternoons preparing our English lessons for camps! Luckily, there are nice coffee shops with WI-FI so we are able to go out.


The first camp we will be doing is with Nove Mesto. After visiting their schools and church we decided most of the students at camp will be beginners to intermediates. And so, these are the lessons we are tackling and prepping this week!


The lessons that are prepared are so Well done! We are loving every aspect of them! The main theme is to take the students to america and tell them about the culture while learning English. We will do a lot of repetition, games, videos, and discussions throughout the week.

Please pray for the students as they learn this language. Pray that this will be a great avenue to talk about God and life. And pray for us and our team, that we would be diligent in our study and teaching!


Tyler and I are still at 70% support! As we continue to serve here the Czech Republic, will you consider helping us financially? You can click here to find us!

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