Church Visit #1 – Nove Mesto Pod Smrkem

Following intern training, we embarked on a 8 hour long train ride to the other side of the country. Team Patty was blessed to be united with Team Mueller, so we were a happy group of 10 travelers! Both of our intern teams will be partnering with Nove Mesto Pod Smrkem to put on their second English Camp this summer.



The denomination that the church in Nove Mesto is apart of is called “Jednota Bratrská,” or in English, “Brethren Unity.” This is an evangelical Presbyterian denomination with roots reaching all the way to the Moravian church from the mid-15th century. The Moravians were some of the very first modern missionaries, sending the Gospel to Australia, Greenland, and the United States. Portraits of John Comenius, a Moravian pastor and educator from the 17th century, still hang in the schools of Nove Mesto pod Smrkem, providing a strong visual reminder of the roots of faith that this area of the world has.


Yet most have forgotten about the God of their fathers, much like the Israelites in the Old Testament. I spoke to a teacher from one of the local grade schools today, who happened to be Catholic, yet was so thrilled that we were working with the Jednota Bratrska church to reach these students for Christ. She sees the need for something more in the lives of these kids and their families, and we couldn’t agree more. It is a privilege to be here and to share our lives and the good news with the Czech people.


One ministry that the Jednota Bratrska church has is a after-school club for at-risk kids. The church provides their facilities three times a week as a safe haven to students struggling at school, caught up in drugs, sex, and alcohol, and needing someone to confide with about the hard issues of life. We had the opportunity to interact with these students while here, and see the incredible ways God is blessing this church and its ministry.


Camp for this church starts in 21 days – would you pray that the Holy Spirit draws students and softens their hearts to hear the good news? 

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