The Beginning of Something Great

Intern training has come and gone, BUT it is the most prepared any interns have felt for camps! Josiah Venture did an amazing job at getting us ready both physically and mentally for what lies ahead.

Training lasted five days. Each day we would start with worship and devotion, then we would break into seminars. These included topics of how to teach English, how to share the gospel to Czechs, and learning the camp dance of course! You can watch it here, done by the wonderful Rob and Audrey Chestnut.

One other thing we are trying out this summer is called the WIC 5. This is a weekly intern check up for us as leaders to do with our teams. We have already set goals for the summer, skills to work on, and areas we feel God is asking to grow in. Please pray for Tyler and I as we grow with our guys and girls through this! Pray that God will grow us and give us strength when we are challenged to keep going!

Our team is on fire for what God has in store. They all did such an amazing job at learning and being a part! Please pray for us as have already gone out to start school and church visits. We will be promoting camp from now until the end of June. Pray that God will open hearts of students and that they will come to camp!
Thank you so much for you continued prayer and support! We are at 70%! We still need 30%! Please prayerfully consider supporting Tyler and I as we continue ministry here this summer. Click here if you are interested.


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