The Amazing Race

Today we conclude Intern Leader Training and begin the long trek to Ukraine to meet up with our teams for the summer. After two overnight trains, we will arrive in Kiev, and begin what is known as the JV “Amazing Race.” 

The Amazing Race is exactly what it sounds like! Modeled after the popular TV show, all intern teams compete against each other in different challenges in a race to our training facility back here in Czech. This is a grueling three days on the road, all meant to put our teams under stress and pressure so that we learn how to work together. The lessons we learn in these three days carry us throughout the summer – it brings out the best and the worst in us! Through this, we are ready to immediately jump into ministry with the Czech churches as an intern team.

Pray for us as we travel – for safety, for fun, but most of all that this would be a bonding experience for our team, whom we will meet for the first time on Wednesday!

And with that, the intern leaders are off to Ukraine!



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