Let Training Begin


Tyler and I are here in Czech! This week we are doing leadership training with Rob and Audrey Chestnut. They have been missionaries for 2 years with Josiah Venture and are our camp leaders. They graciously have opened their home to us six leaders for the week. (Sspst, they are having a little girl in September!)


Before we came to leadership training we were able to spend two days with Tyler’s family. Claire has finished her high school exams! They are nothing at all like American finals, they study for these exams for months, and then are asked to answer questions orally to a group of their professors and one government education Representative. She will be at Moody in the Fall! While with them we were able to celebrate by going to the mall and getting really yummy pasta and saw Iron Man 3.


Through this week of training we have learned about what it looks like to lead our interns, love them, pour into them, and live in this intense time together. Tyler and I are more than encouraged and cannot wait to meet our team in just 5 days!!image

We are so appreciative of your prayers! God has already been guiding our steps and hearts towards serving our team and bringing the gospel to this country.

God has always been an awesome Provider through you! Thank you to those who have given, it has enabled us to be here! Right now we are at 64% so just a bit more to go! If you feel led to give click here. And thank you!!

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