A First for a Patty

On Saturday the 18th, students from Moody Bible Institute filled the Moody Church in Chicago. They flocked in black garb to stand together with friends with whom they have walked through life with for the past four years, and together to step into a new adventure. Families stood by teary-eyed, and all of us took in these last moments for the students before us with a deep breath.

Behold the graduating class of Moody Bible Institute, class of 2013!


Behind the uniformity lies a face. Each face has wrestled, fought, and grown because of their time at Moody. Each face tells a story.


There is a familiar face! Lara Elizabeth Patty walked across the stage this Saturday to receive her diploma and officially complete her education at the Moody Bible Institute! She is the first Patty to graduate from Moody, with a B.A. in Communications.

Lara’s parents and sister drove through the night to be with us on this momentous day, and we had a wonderful time celebrating. We are all so proud of Lara for finishing so well!

Then the next day, we drove to the Chicago O’Hare airport to begin another adventure!


And so we are off!!

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