The Amazing Race

Today we conclude Intern Leader Training and begin the long trek to Ukraine to meet up with our teams for the summer. After two overnight trains, we will arrive in Kiev, and begin what is known as the JV “Amazing Race.” 

The Amazing Race is exactly what it sounds like! Modeled after the popular TV show, all intern teams compete against each other in different challenges in a race to our training facility back here in Czech. This is a grueling three days on the road, all meant to put our teams under stress and pressure so that we learn how to work together. The lessons we learn in these three days carry us throughout the summer – it brings out the best and the worst in us! Through this, we are ready to immediately jump into ministry with the Czech churches as an intern team.

Pray for us as we travel – for safety, for fun, but most of all that this would be a bonding experience for our team, whom we will meet for the first time on Wednesday!

And with that, the intern leaders are off to Ukraine!



Let Training Begin


Tyler and I are here in Czech! This week we are doing leadership training with Rob and Audrey Chestnut. They have been missionaries for 2 years with Josiah Venture and are our camp leaders. They graciously have opened their home to us six leaders for the week. (Sspst, they are having a little girl in September!)


Before we came to leadership training we were able to spend two days with Tyler’s family. Claire has finished her high school exams! They are nothing at all like American finals, they study for these exams for months, and then are asked to answer questions orally to a group of their professors and one government education Representative. She will be at Moody in the Fall! While with them we were able to celebrate by going to the mall and getting really yummy pasta and saw Iron Man 3.


Through this week of training we have learned about what it looks like to lead our interns, love them, pour into them, and live in this intense time together. Tyler and I are more than encouraged and cannot wait to meet our team in just 5 days!!image

We are so appreciative of your prayers! God has already been guiding our steps and hearts towards serving our team and bringing the gospel to this country.

God has always been an awesome Provider through you! Thank you to those who have given, it has enabled us to be here! Right now we are at 64% so just a bit more to go! If you feel led to give click here. And thank you!!

A First for a Patty

On Saturday the 18th, students from Moody Bible Institute filled the Moody Church in Chicago. They flocked in black garb to stand together with friends with whom they have walked through life with for the past four years, and together to step into a new adventure. Families stood by teary-eyed, and all of us took in these last moments for the students before us with a deep breath.

Behold the graduating class of Moody Bible Institute, class of 2013!


Behind the uniformity lies a face. Each face has wrestled, fought, and grown because of their time at Moody. Each face tells a story.


There is a familiar face! Lara Elizabeth Patty walked across the stage this Saturday to receive her diploma and officially complete her education at the Moody Bible Institute! She is the first Patty to graduate from Moody, with a B.A. in Communications.

Lara’s parents and sister drove through the night to be with us on this momentous day, and we had a wonderful time celebrating. We are all so proud of Lara for finishing so well!

Then the next day, we drove to the Chicago O’Hare airport to begin another adventure!


And so we are off!!

The Parker Family

Well, Tyler and I have started this new journey and have been living in Wheaton, IL for about a week and a half. A family from our church here has graciously opened their house to us! The Parker family is so sweet to allow us to be here. They are taking amazing care of us and we are so grateful!

They have 5 kids total- 4 boys and 1 girl! Tyler enjoyed playing air soft with the boys and laying in the hammock with the twins:)


They have added so much life to ours just by asking us to play outside with them. This is something that never happened in the city- and something we missed! Oh, and they have the cutest dog- Baxter!


Living out here while school is still in session has allowed us to get back to Tyler’s Czech roots and take the train. We love the train. It is a beautiful, scenic ride and Tyler can get a lot of his work done! This has also given him a taste of what it will be like next semester for him to get to Moody.


In the next week there will be a lot of lasts and a lot of firsts. I graduate next Saturday at the Moody Church and will be done! The day after that Tyler and I will fly to Czech to being our first summer of ministry with Josiah Venture together! We cannot wait!

Thank you so much for your continued support and prayers! We are amazed at what God has done through you all! Currently we are at 48% for our summer goal! If you would like to support us click here. We leave on the 19th of May.