The space between now and then

Something very sentimental happened this week- Tyler and I moved out our first apartment! We feel nervous, excited, anxious for what is ahead, and prayerful, and have many memories to look back on! This apartment has been such a sweet haven for us.


With this feeling of “real adulthood” coming up we are feeling quite excited and curious. We have both lived in the city for 4 years now- and 1 one those years we have been together married! All we know is public transportation, walking, busy streets and sirens all the time, and the fast paced life…hopefully we can remember how to drive a car! We are moving on to a new stage!


We will be moving out to the west suburbs of Chicago- to the Wheaton, IL area. There are a couple of reasons for this move: our church is in that area and we want to be closer to our church family, Josiah Venture’s state side office is in Wheaton, and one very excited thing- Tyler wants to continue schooling after Moody at  Trinity Evangelical Divinity School! Over the past year or two God has given Tyler such a passion for Hebrew and the Old Testament. He has had an amazing privilege to be a Teacher’s Assistant for one of our Moody professors who teaches Old Testament classes and Hebrew. Through his teaching and mentoring Tyler has come to love these two things. Please pray with us as he will hopefully begin his Masters degree in the Fall of 2014!

After we return from our trip in August we will begin this new stage of life in the suburbs! Until then all of our stuff is locked up behind this red door…


PS: Thank you SO much to all of you who have given so generously! We are currently at 27% support, so still have a way to go. Would you prayerfully consider giving toward our summer ministry? If you are interested in partnering with us, please click here to give online.

We are so blessed by your support!

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